Tips on Painting Ideas

By Marion Boddy-Evans

I think one of the most important things to do is keep receptive to ideas. Open your mind so you visualize compositions. You have to always be thinking about painting. I see something and say how can I paint this?

If you only copy from a photo eventually that’s all you will be able to do. I carry a note book and will jot down any ideas I get. Any colors I want to try and work into a painting. If I’m reading a book and a particular passage stirs my imagination I will write down what I feel.

Our thoughts go away too quickly and any way to preserve them for later use should be used. Painting is our way of communicating our thoughts; it may not always be understood by others, but we know what we mean.

Photo’s are a valuable tool and should be used to stimulate our thoughts and help create ideas. If I try a portrait I’ll use a photo. We can’t always have someone sit for us. Photos can be referred to and used when accuracy is required but not as our final composition. An artist must develop his/her mind to see and retain for later use.

I can’t remember the quote exactly, but Matisse commented that when the camera was developed the artist was freed to use his imagination and not try to paint things exactly as they are. Photos take us to places we can’t go but our minds should then take over. We have to think painting, composition, color etc.
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