Making Tubes for Leftover Paint

By Marion Boddy-Evans

When I mix a special color and want to save it to use tomorrow or on another painting, I use heavy duty aluminum foil to make my own tube to store it. This is how I make it:

1. Wrap a piece of foil around a broom handle. (Heavy-duty grade foil works best.)

2. Glue down the edge (Gorilla Glue or some other that will seal) and remove tube shape from the broom handle before it dries.

3. Fold the bottom, then apply glue and crimp with canvas stretcher or pliers. Let dry.

4. Fill tube with extra paint,using a palette knife or tool of your choice.

5. Clean and fold the top down several times. Apply glue after first fold and wait to dry.

6. This creates a completely air-proof tube. When you’re ready to use the paint, clip a corner of the top and press out the paint.

7. If you place a short straw in the top folded corner while gluing and remove it before the glue is dry, this will leave a hole to squeeze out paint.

Tip from: Walt Kozier

If you have to make up large amounts of a specific color, this is a wonderful way of storing the mixed paint. Save your empty toothpaste tubes and use them to store the paint. Cut off the bottom of the tube and wash out the remains of the toothpaste. Dry the inside of the tube with paper towel, then fill it with paint.

Seal the edge with strong contact glue, then use clothes pegs to it hold together while the glue dries. Finally, dip the lid into a little of the color so you can easily identify what’s in the tube.

Tip from: Rosemary Codron





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