Dealing with Criticism: Stay True to Your Vision

By Marion Boddy-Evans

Twilitemgk said: “An artist’s responsibility is to stay true to his/her vision and develop his/her skill in the medium — it is not how others receive the finished product. As long as you are creating the art that his mind and soul longs to create, it really doesn’t matter what your classmates think of it.”

“I know that no matter what I do, there will be those who relate to my work and many others who don’t. I don’t need to worry about the ones who don’t; just keep seeking those who do.”

“I would recommend seeking out people who can appreciate an original concept, so that when the teasing comes from those less imaginitive than he is, there will be a counter-balance.”

“And lastly…a clown in a cemetery? I wish I’d thought of it! You should just tell those classmates of yours that things that have already been done don’t need to be done again (and again and again and again).”





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