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  • 7 Ways to Improve Your Painting While at Work

    7 Ways to Improve Your Painting While at Work

    You know the scenario: you’re stuck in a meeting at the office with someone rambling on and on until you just want to interrupt by screaming: “I could be painting!” But as that wouldn’t be a wise career move, what can you do to benefit your painting while at work? Each of these tips works […]

  • How to Create Time for Painting

    How to Create Time for Painting

    With all the demands that life makes, the time available for painting can get less and less. All too easily it gets squeezed out altogether! These ideas should help you find a little time daily and keep you going until you get the luxury of a few hours in a row to paint. Here’s How: […]



    If you are interested in art and drawing then it’s important to use whatever drawing resources you can. It can be hard finding the time to get to an art gallery or museum (if we are lucky enough to have them close by) and too often, when we do, we don’t get to see what […]

  • How to Draw

    Learning how to draw like an artist is a lot easier than you might think. Any drawing can be broken down into smaller pieces. If you follow the smaller pieces (or steps) one by one, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn how to draw everything from animals and plants to buildings, cars, trains, and even dinosaurs! To begin learning how to […]


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