How to Draw

Lady Gaga Sketch - 11x14 paper

Learning how to draw like an artist is a lot easier than you might think. Any drawing can be broken down into smaller pieces. If you follow the smaller pieces (or steps) one by one, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll learn how to draw everything from animals and plants to buildings, cars, trains, and even dinosaurs!

To begin learning how to draw, you’ll need a few basic drawing supplies including a pencil, pencil sharpener, an eraser, a felt-tip pen, and paper. In each article, the first drawing will be a completed example of the subject that you are about to draw. Examine the lines and shapes of the subject carefully before proceeding to the first step.

The instructions in each article will always start with larger basic shapes, such as ovals, rectangles, and triangles, depending on the subject. Draw the full shape, even if some of it will not be seen in the final drawing. The red lines in each illustration show exactly what to draw in that step, while the lines drawn in previous steps are shown in gray.

After all the steps are complete, use a felt-tip pen to go over the pencil lines. Ink only the lines you want to keep in the drawing. Let the ink dry, and then erase the extra pencil lines.

Once you’ve inked in your drawing, the next step is adding color. We’ll learn about coloring drawings in the next section.





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