Is Acrylic Paint the Right Choice for You?

Advantages of Acrylic Paint:

Dries very fast. Mixed with water or mediums/gels. Brushes cleaned with water. Once dried, can be overpainted without disturbing underlying layers. Can be used thickly (impasto), like oils, or in thin washes, like watercolor. Water-resistant, so good for murals. Works as a glue, so good for collages.

Disdvantages of Acrylic Paint:

Dries very fast, though working time can be increased by adding retarding medium to paint, spraying water on a painting, or using one of the brands with an longer drying time. Completely waterproof once dried, so cannot be removed by rewetting the paint. Difficult to remove from a brush if it’s dried in it. Except when used in thin washes, colors dry a bit darker than when applied.

How Expensive is Acrylic Paint to Use?

There is a large range of acrylics on the market, from top-quality paints with high pigment content to cheap paints with little pigment and lots of filler. You will need a selection of colors, at least one brush, and some paper or canvas to paint on. You don’t need anything other than tap water to dilute the paint or to clean the brush.

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