Are Pastels the Right Choice for You?

Advantages of Pastels:

There’s no waiting for pastels to dry. Colors are mixed on the paper, not on a palette, by overlaying or blending them. A wide range of colors are available. No brushes to clean. Easy to use outside the studio. Oil-based pastels can be thinned and blended with turpentine, or scrapped off to reveal colors underneath, known as sgraffito.

Disadvantages of Pastels:

Usually requires a greater range of colours to create a picture than for other media. Different brands and pigments vary in softness. Soft pastel works tend to be liable to smudging and the pastel coming off the support. This can be prevented by using a spray-on fixative, taping a piece of tracing paper over it, or framing it with a mount that keeps it away from the glass.

How Expensive is Pastel to Use?

You will need a range of colors, some paper, a board to hold the paper, and some fixative.


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