Reasons Why I Hate to Stop Painting….

What things or events stop you from painting or interfere with your painting? And which do you hate the most?There are a lot that I relate to really well, and I’m sure you will to!

1. The phone or doorbell rings (again and again, and won’t be ignored.)

2. I have fix lunch or dinner (or there’ll be a family mutiny).

3. Mother nature calls (and I’ve kept putting it off).

4. It’s almost noon and I’m still in my nightclothes (and not the set I’ve already ruined by getting paint on them).

5. The house is a mess and company is coming.

6. Someone lets in the company we’re expecting (and my hands are covered in paint).

7. My husband wants to go to bed (our bedroom is my studio).

8. I have to go to work (to earn money to pay the bills and buy art supplies).

9. I get whiffs of burning food from the kitchen.

10. My ankles are too covered with bug bites from plein-air painting.

11. I had a doctor or other appointments.

12. I have to go and pick up my kids.

13. I’ve chores that need to be today still.

14. A friend phones with a ‘problem’ (and never tell her you’re busy watching paint dry!).

15. I make a mess that needs cleaning up, whether it’s on the ground or my shirt, or something in need of a plaster.

16. I get a headache.

17. When my feet have gone numb but I never noticed.

18. My lips are crusting over and my tongue is swollen from extreme thirst.

19. My body has been in one position for such a long time that, like the tin man from Wizard of Oz, I am seized up solid.

20. I have to pry my fingers apart and away from my brush as arthritis and lack of blood flow sets it into a claw like appendage.

21. The dog has been scratching a groove into the door trying to tell me that he needs out NOW!

22. My cat is plastered flat — all four legs stretched out north, south, east, west — against my studio window in hope that I am so impressed by this great trick that I let him in to get to his food dish.

23. My family or friends have called out the search squad because I have not been answering the phone messages or the door and no one has seen me in days and days.

24. I’m painting a summer scene and it starts to snow.

25. I have to leave a painting class early to catch a train home.

26. I rationalize that the extra rinse my laundry is getting from the downpour is actually a good thing.

27. I’ve run out of a particular colour that’s crucial to this particular painting.

28. The light bulb has blown again and I can’t see what I’m doing. (Must get an electrician to sort out the problem! Maybe I can sketch him doing it… I’ll be paying him enough.)

29. I have to get a haircut because my hair’s grown over my eyes.

30. I hate to stop painting … PERIOD!


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