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  • Art Journaling vs Scrapbooking

    Art Journaling vs Scrapbooking

    By Marion Boddy-Evans Exactly where art journaling stops and scrapbooking starts isn’t always clear, but there is a difference between the two in terms of intent. Art journaling is focused on the creation of a visual journal or diary using your artistic skills and techniques, whereas scrapbooking is focused on the collation and presentation of memories, […]

  • How to Critique a Painting

    How to Critique a Painting

    It’s only natural to want people to like our paintings, but if we’re to grow as artists, then we need statements that say a little more than simply “It’s nice” or “I love it” or “I don’t think this painting works”. We need information on what specifically is nice, loved, or isn’t working. Specific, constructive […]


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