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  • What to Do If Someone Laughs at Your Paintings

    What to Do If Someone Laughs at Your Paintings

    By Marion Boddy-Evans The start of this article came from a disturbing email sent to me by a guy called Tony, who was at art school in San Francisco. He said he has a vivid imagination and sometimes paints “odd things”. The problem was the responses of fellow students, who have laughed at his paintings (most […]

  • 10 Worst Painting Critiques

    10 Worst Painting Critiques

    It can be tough knowing what to say when a friend asks you what you think about their latest painting or to give a critique. But there are some things you should never say if you value your friendship. 1. What is it? (You’re supposed to know and if you can’t tell, keep it to yourself as […]

  • How to Critique a Painting

    How to Critique a Painting

    It’s only natural to want people to like our paintings, but if we’re to grow as artists, then we need statements that say a little more than simply “It’s nice” or “I love it” or “I don’t think this painting works”. We need information on what specifically is nice, loved, or isn’t working. Specific, constructive […]


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