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  • How Do I Start Painting in Oils?

    By  Ricardo Guimaraes There are as many ways to paint as there are artists, but here’s a summary of my oil painting method. To begin with, there are two simple rules you should follow. Firstly, you need a surface to paint on that has been prepared specifically for oil paints. You can buy many brands of […]

  • Can I Use Artist’s Quality Oil Paint Over Student Grade Paint?

    By Marion Boddy-Evans “Like all fledgling oil painters, I’ve been fed the phrase fat over lean so many times I say it in my sleep. I get the basic idea: the paint on the bottom should not have as much oil as the paint above. Recently I’ve been upgrading from student to artist’s paint. Can I still use […]

  • Freezing Oil Paint

    By Marion Boddy-Evans The tip about freezing of oil paints to preserve them between painting sessions, usually suggested as placing your entire palette in the freezer, in based on the fact that oil freezes are a very low temperature. (It’s far lower than water.) Given the temperature a domestic freezer is usually set at, leftover oil paint put […]


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