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  • To Mix or Not to Mix Colors, That’s the Question

    To Mix or Not to Mix Colors, That’s the Question

    By¬†Marion Boddy-Evans At an exhibition opening on Monday a friend and I were talking about how you recognize particular colors/pigments¬†in certain artists’ paintings and how with others the colors are more individual. A phthalo blue/green turquoise was one color instantly identifiable in several paintings; lemon yellow another. It’s led me to pondering the use of […]

  • Tertiary Colors

    Tertiary Colors

    Browns and grays contain all three primary colors. They’re created by mixing either all three primary colors or a primary and secondary color (secondary colors of course being made from two primaries). By varying the proportions of the colors you’re mixing, you create the different tertiary colors. What’s the Easiest Way to Mix a Brown? […]


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