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  • The Fried Egg School of Painting Composition

    The Fried Egg School of Painting Composition

    By Marion Boddy-Evans Question: The Fried Egg School of Painting Composition “Is it a rule that the focal point of a painting should not be in the middle of the canvas? What if you have, let us say, a face with a crown on the head, nothing else other than the background, would that be wrong?” — Vivien S […]

  • To Mix or Not to Mix Colors, That’s the Question

    To Mix or Not to Mix Colors, That’s the Question

    By Marion Boddy-Evans At an exhibition opening on Monday a friend and I were talking about how you recognize particular colors/pigments in certain artists’ paintings and how with others the colors are more individual. A phthalo blue/green turquoise was one color instantly identifiable in several paintings; lemon yellow another. It’s led me to pondering the use of […]

  • Complementary Colors

    Complementary Colors

    The complementary color of a primary color (red, blue, or yellow) is the color you get by mixing the other two primary colors. So the complementary color of red is green, of blue is orange, and of yellow is purple. What About Secondary Colors? The complementary of a secondary color is the primary color that […]

  • Warm and Cool Colors

    Warm and Cool Colors

    Every color has a certain bias towards what’s called warm and cool. It’s not something that’s overwhelming; it’s subtle. But it’s an important element in color mixing as it influences the results. As a group, reds and yellows are considered warm colors and blue a cool color. But if you compare different reds (or yellows […]


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