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  • Using a Clock to Judge the Angles of Vanishing Lines

    Using a Clock to Judge the Angles of Vanishing Lines

    There are various methods for judging the angles of vanishing lines. The one that works best for me is to visualize it as the hour hand on a clock. I do it like this: The minute hand serves as either the horizon line (the position it’s at 9 or 3 o’clock) or a vertical (12 […]

  • Vanishing Lines in Perspective

    Vanishing Lines in Perspective

    Vanishing lines are imaginary lines used to create accurate perspective in a painting. They are drawn on the top and bottom horizontal edges of an object, along the object and then extended all the way to the horizon line. For instance on a building, there would be a vanishing line along the top of the roof […]

  • Elements of Composition: Rhythm

    Elements of Composition: Rhythm

    Don’t think that rhythm is something that belongs to music only, or perhaps poetry. It’s also one of the Elements of Composition, helping to lead the viewer’s eye across a painting. The example I’ve shown here is of a extreme landscape format, considerably wider than it is tall. To get the viewer’s eye from one edge to the […]


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