Increasing Productivity as a Painter

To make life easy for your while you are painting with watercolours or acrylics, ensure you have plenty of water containers. Most people will have one or two. Have six or eight filled up so you don’t have to stop to get clean water. Collect takeaway containers to use or old large bottles. For palettes, use throw away plastic plates. Not terribly eco, but they are cheap and when you have finished painting with them you can throw out instead of having to wash it. Also have several of the same brushes available, so if you need a dry brush there is one there. Use an old teatowel for drying your brush. Once you have finished you can put in the washing machine to clean.
Tip from New Zealand artist Diana Moore

I have a limited number of inspirations or ideas. Every idea should be explored with variations, color size, emphasis, and composition. These should produce at least five variations. Of the five, one will be particularly good. Save it for the “artist’s collection” (a natural retirement fund, or estate to leave your children) or it might be donated to a museum to show the best to the world and “make your name”.
Tip from: Jon Rader.


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